A Tribute to my Wife Jess

I have recently finished my memoirs of my life and they are dedicated to my wife. They detail my time at School, my time in the Royal Navy during the Second World War and my life since I left the Royal Navy. My time in the Royal Navy was spent traveling the world - I visited Hong Kong, China, The Antarctic, Russia, Greenland, Norway, Malta and Gibraltar to name a few...

My life like all others has had its ups and downs, but we have stood together through it all. My wife could write a very good story of her own life. She has not only looked after her own family but also her Mum and Dad, her brothers Richard and Norman during our married life.

My wife has been a stalwart throughout our married life, and has been a very good mother to our children. They in turn have shown us that they appreciate their mother a great deal – as do I.

Thanks for a good life.

Your loving husband Duncan. xxx

The Author - DM Christison, Christmas 2006

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